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About 10 minutes drive from my house is Richmond Park, London’s largest royal park and home to about 650 free roaming deer (watch out though, the annual cull is about now..). At 2500 acres it really is pretty big; if you’re standing by Pen ponds as in this planet below, it’s easy to imagine you’ve escaped the big city and are somewhere in the English countryside.

pen ponds planet

Like the countryside, there are dangers here: while I was taking this shot, Darwin was lucky not to get a good pecking from a couple swans that were hissing at him very loudly. I’ve told him before, if you try and steal the bread that’s been thrown to them then you’re asking for trouble.. While trying to haul your dog away from angry swans with a camera and tripod in one arm is difficult, a more serious challenge is trying to catch him when he decides to have a go at deer herding. Unfortunately I wasn’t up to it, but as he’s a beagle and only has short legs, neither was he.

oak tree planet

Deeper into the park is my favourite tree. It’s an Oak tree that looks like it’s been struck by lightning. There’s a huge crack in it through which you can actually get inside the trunk, and then climb right to the top emerging amongst the branches. Despite his best efforts Darwin couldn’t manage the ascent, though he was more than happy to roll around in the leaves and have a chew on some of the fallen branches.

autumn planet

As we were on our way out, we encountered this golden sunset which turned everything in sight a fantastic red-brown. Sensing I was in no hurry to leave, Darwin just sat and watched it for a minute or two, so I took the opportunity to snap a quick autumnal planet. Given the weather today and the forecast, it could be the last of the season.