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Oh dear it doesn’t look like I’ve posted anything here for a while. Well, now that I’ve finally wrapped up my PhD, time to get back to some fun stuff. I’ve been living in Amsterdam for the last 6 months but before I post some of the many planets I’ve made here, I thought I’d get these underwater ones up. I took these about a year ago on a diving trip around St. John’s reef system in the southern Red Sea. Last year I bought a very nice Hugyfot housing for my Nikon which I then took with me underwater for the week. The housing was very easy to get to grips with and I was pretty happy with the shots I got with it. It wasn’t cheap though so it’ll be a few more years before I feel like I’ve got value for money from it!

I thought I’d try some underwater panoramas as you don’t see them very often. All the usual rules like staying in the same place to reduce parallax are very difficult to stick to when you’re dealing with currents, depth, buoyancy, sharks etc. but Hugin did a decent job and a bit of clone tool dealt with any errors.

These were all taken with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye @ 10mm. Stitched with Hugin then some tweaking in Photoshop and some Topaz magic.