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On sunday I went to see the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. It’s an exhibition I’ve been to for about the last four years and really showcases the best in wildlife photography. I’m particularly keen on underwater photography and again the standard here was exceptional. One of my favourite shots was a black and white image of a whale shark by Fergus Kennedy entitled ‘Little big mouth’. This is the real reason I bought my fisheye lens – to take pictures of huge critters like this. Now I’ve just got to start saving for a trip to Djibouti. Oh and a housing for my D90..

The museum is particularly famous for its dinosaur skeletons and ornate architecture, both exemplified by the large Diplodocus cast which dominates the vaulted central hall. I stopped to take a quick planet or two before diving in to the gift shop, which has always been my favourite part of visiting museums! The toys in there are pretty high tech these days – the remote control tarantulas and humming birds looked like great fun. They still do those little bugs on a ribbon with googly eyes too.

nhm planet

Speaking of bones, a quick get-well-soon to Alexandra (below, next to the diplodocus) who today had to undergo the surgeon’s knife in order to get her snowboarding career back on track. Go easy on the Oramorph…

nhm planet aleo