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Unless otherwise stated, the text, images, videos, sounds, code and other materials on this site are © copyright 2008 by Tim Nugent and are licensed under a Creative Commons License. If you use any of the content, I’d appreciate you linking back to my blog and dropping me a message.



  1. Dear Mr. Nugent,

    I have been funded by the National Science Foundation to create an online educational tool in neuroscience and would love to use your image of the K channel. It is so cool. We are trying to get undergraduates interested in research as a career. Your kind of work is mesmerizing and it will help to draw them in.

    I am seeking your permission to use the image. This is a non profit venture fully funded by the National Science Foundation.




  2. Thanks for your interest John, I’d be very happy for you to use it. I’ve dropped you an email with a link to a high resolution version.


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