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In November I went on a city break to Berlin with some old school friends. We only had a couple of days but managed to cram in culture and hedonism in fairly large measures – it seems Berlin is pretty good for both of these. First up is the gang outside Berlin Cathedral:

Next we have Brandenberg Gate. We just missed him, but new F1 world champ Sebastian Vettel had just had some kind of celebratory doughnut session right next door and had left his skid marks all over the place.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, or Holocaust Memorial, is a striking and somber reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust. It consists of a 19,000 square metre site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern. There is a museum underneath the memorial.

Next we headed to an exhibition about Hitler at the German Historic Museum. Here’s the equirectangular panorama. I made the planet from it using Mathmap. Reminiscent of the Great Court in the British Museum.

So that was Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we headed to Berghain, “quite possibly the current world capital of techno”. Highly recommended but strictly no cameras.


  1. great pics. love how you present the content also.

  2. Having recently visited Berlin myself I can truly appreciate the beauty of the pictures above. The history and culture surrounding Berlin can only be appreciated by visiting, but the pictures above are amazing.

  3. Berlin is one of them places which is full of historical landmarks, and the whole story of its demise during the war and the regeneration of the City post war years is absolutely amazing.

  4. Love the picture of the German Historic Museum. I visited Berlin last year with my family, the history is great, especially good for teens who are learning about this subject in school. Berlin also has loads of good little boutique type shops and cafe.

  5. These pictures are absolutely amazing, they are much like a Kaleidoscope as in when you turn the frame at the end the picture merges into another image. Brilliantly unique, well done!

  6. Fantastically good picture, love the way that these photos have been done, they are really artistic. Could you advise how these pictures were done, in order that I can recreate similar ones of my family. Think they are brilliant!

    • Thanks Oliver. Check the tutorial section, there’s a how-to.


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