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The weather in London over the last few days has been pretty awful, and it made me realise that some parts of our recently departed summer were actually pretty nice. June for example was fantastic – living in Wimbledon, where the All England Club host the annual tennis grand slam, we had two weeks of glorious weather, almost certainly a jinx due to the construction of the new sliding roof on centre court. As much as I like to complain about the traffic restrictions they impose during the tournament and the influx of slow moving tourists, I love watching the tennis and you feel quite privileged getting your local weather forecast on the national news.

On the Wednesday of the first week I got in line and queued for a good three hours to get it. Armed to the teeth with booze, crisps and some roasting sunshine, that wasn’t as tough as it sounds so seemed to pass quite quickly. But when we got in the afternoon drinking had gone to my head a little so we went and had a sit down on the hill adjacent to court number one.


A couple of year back it was Henman hill, now I think they call it Murray mountain. Either way, it’s a great place to sit back, have a drink and soak up the atmosphere. There’s also a big TV screen where you can watch what’s going on in centre or court number one. I wasn’t the only one who was feeling the effects of afternoon drinkies as there were more than a few casualties having a siesta, surrounded by a plethora of empty beer cans and wine bottles.


At the top of the hill they have a white picket fence which encloses a little water feature complete with lilies and a fountain. Here my friend Sarah gazes out (eyes closed obviously) over the 19 tournament courts that make up the club.


In the heart of the complex they have some pretty fancy architecture like this spiral staircase that leads up to what I think is the press area. Lots of glass and steel, obviously very high budget.


And a very heavy media presence too. This is Wimbledon park golf club, just across the road. When else are you going to be allowed to park a van like this on the 18th hole? There was no one inside so I was very tempted to jump in and start pressing some buttons.


And more to the point, when else am I going to be able to take a load of photos from inside a sand bunker, without getting chased off by some angry guy wielding a golf club?

Wimbledon park golf club

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  1. the architecture-planet is mindbogglingly cool. congratulations on the whole set!

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