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Time for a few stereographic shots from some of London’s many train stations. First up is Paddington station, from where you can catch trains to the west country (I used to  travel from here to Bristol when I was a undergraduate). This was taken at about two in the morning so it was completely deserted apart from us lot. The huge 200 meter long roof is supported by wrought iron arches in three spans – this shot only shows one of those so you get some idea of the scale.  Lots of detail and not too much noise at ISO 3200.


Next up is Waterloo station, the main London terminus for trains to the south west of England and the suburbs of London. What works nicely here in a stereographic projection is the roof. It was a bit of pain to stitch and retouch the beams and girders but I think it was worth it. Most planetoids have relatively little going on in the ‘sky’ region but here the situation is reversed.


Waterloo is a big station – apparently it has more platforms than any other station in the UK – this is a little further along. It was unusually busy for this time of day due to tube strikes so I had to remove quite a few duplicate people from this one.


Flip it 180 degrees and you get a better view of the roof. This is right underneath the central clock.



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