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A few stadiums from my travels over the last year. First up, the vast Camp Nou, home of Barcelona FC. I went to Barcelona last February and was lucky enough to get tickets for the derby game against Espanyol.. and these don’t come cheap. Our seats were right at the back of the 2nd tier so the view was nothing like the one below. And the final score was a pretty disappointing 0-0. Still, this is an incredible stadium and well worth a visit. This pano has had some HDR treatment via qtpfsgui and the Fattal tone mapping operator (click for a larger image, I’ve had to squash it a bit to fit it in).


Next is Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC. I went to a Premiership game a few weeks ago against Middlesbrough; this time our seats were pretty good  – great view of the whole pitch from the 3rd tier of the west stand. And being Chelsea, they weren’t cheap either! At least we got a couple of goals in a 2-0 win. And the pie I had at half time was pretty good too.


Last but not least – the Emirates Stadium, home to the mighty Arsenal FC. This was a Champion’s League game on a cold Wednesday night against Dynamo Kiev, where the Gunners eventually prevailed 1-0. We were sat behind the goal so not the best view in the house, but it’s still an awesome stadium. I  made a planetoid here but unfortunately it didn’t come out very well; next time I’ll have both hands on the camera rather than just the one with a (not so nice) Emirates hot dog in the other.


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