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London is an expensive place to live. As a tourist though, there are a few perks, one of which is free entry into London’s museums. If you’re visiting I’d suggest checking out the British museum, and in particular the Great Court. It’s a quadrangle covered by a vast tessellated glass roof, surrounding the circular reading room, and is supposedly the largest covered square in Europe. It’s a very impressive space so don’t miss it. Luckily for me the British museum is about two minutes from where I work so I often short cut through when I’m grabbing my lunch. The other day I took my camera with me and ended up with one of the most bizarre planets so far.

great hall

Things get even stranger when you pitch it 180 degrees.

great hall inverted

Another place well worth a visit is the Natural History Museum. I’ve been there every year for the past couple of years for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and intend to go pretty soon for this year’s exhibition. There’s another impressive central hall here too; this one contains a large Diplodocus cast which I think would look pretty cool in a little planet.

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