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Daily Archives: November 11th, 2008

The week after I got my new camera and Nodal Ninja tripod head, it rained. A lot. By thursday the clouds were still threatening, but I decided taking any more photos of my dog or fishtank wasn’t really justifying the rather large outlay I’d just made. So I took my gear and headed to a few places where I thought I could make some good panos. Being slightly unfamiliar with my camera, I accidentaly set it to shoot RAW only, so after about 5 planets, bracketed x 3, I’d filled up my SD card. As it turned out, the ‘memory card full’ message coincided with the heavens opening up, so I jumped on a train home to fired up Rawstudio, RawTherapee, Dynamic Photo HDR, and of course Hugin. Here’s some of what I came up with.

Hungerford Bridge planet

This is Hungerford bridge which spans the river Thames. After the footbridge was built in 2002, it was lit with fantastic, futuristic, blue lights on top of the pylons. I’ve got a real thing about blue lighting – I even took a soldering iron to my beloved Technics turntables to swap the red LEDs for blue ones. Anyway, I think this shot looks good with the warmth of orange lights, especially against the cold sky. I hope they put the blue ones back on sometime though.

St. Paul's planet

Next stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was a little before rush hour so there weren’t too many people about, handy when you’re shooting HDR. Because I was pretty close up to it, you can’t see the huge dome which it’s famous for. I’ll have to get that another time from a different angle. I also missed out on visiting the Golden Gallery; only when I checked out the Wikipedia entry for Hugin did I realised what I’d missed. So two pretty good reasons to go back.

Tap tap… Is this thing turned on? Ok I think we’re up and running. This web2.0 thing keeps going wild on me though. I must admit I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, and having familiarised myself with the joys of WordPress and the horrors of CSS, here it is. I suppose I’m going to write about panoramic photography, software like the mighty Hugin, HDR, stuff like that. But I’m not going to limit myself too much; I’ll throw a bit of Linux, programming, science and music into the mix for good measure.. basically anything that I can do with my computer. As a scientist, I’m supposed to keep a lab book detailing everything I do so that if need be I can go back and repeat the experiment, and also learn from any mistakes I’ve made. The thing is, I’m more of a computer scientist these days so my lab book is actually my hard disk (which, as I write this, I realise I don’t back up often enough), and all the ingredients that I use in my computer trickery are tucked away in places even I’m unlikely to look.

So, I hope that this blog will become my outlet for some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up. Lots of people have asked how I put my little planets together so I’ll definitely put together a few tutorials and tips on work flow. And of course there’ll be some cool panoramics photos.. I hope you like them.